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Our school development planning is set within the context of our school vision and aspirations.

1. School vision
Our vision at Maynards Green Primary School is to provide an outstanding and inspirational school in the heart of our community - striving for excellence and developing the full potential of every child in all areas of learning.

2. We aspire to:

  • a culture of high expectations and aspirations in all areas of school life with the quality of teaching, learning and assessment for all pupils being outstanding;
  • all pupils making significant and sustained progress in all areas of learning relative to their starting points;
  • confident and self-assured learners demonstrating excellent attitudes to learning which strongly impact on their progress;
  • pupils who value their education, arrive on time and rarely miss a day of school;
  • pupils who thrive through the promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and their physical & mental well-being;
  • pupils who benefit from effective safeguarding;
  • pupils who are well supported through the effective engagement of parents, carers and other stakeholders of the school.
  1. Current school judgements arising from the most recent Ofsted (April 2019)



Leadership & Management


Quality of Education


Personal Development


Behaviour and Attitude





4. Key Issues from the last Ofsted- section 5 – April 2019

‘Reduce the small number of inconsistencies in the quality of teaching so it makes an even greater impact across the school’.

5.  School Development Targets

  1. To reduce the small number of inconsistencies in the quality of teaching so it makes an even greater impact across the school (particularly in relation to the teaching environment, teachers’ planning meeting the needs of all pupils, teacher expectations of pupils). This was an action arising from the last Ofsted Inspection. It will involve us ensuring consistency across all classes in terms of the quality of the learning environment offered to pupils, the standard of presentation, the quality of lesson planning and the standards of teaching and learning in the classrooms.


  1. To review & improve in-house assessment procedures and make significant changes to the administration of KS2 SATs to ensure security. To review and improve our procedures for administering all statutory tests.
  2. To ensure that the school continues to offer an ‘exceptional’ curriculum which is ambitious, well-planned and designed to give all learners the knowledge they need to succeed. Bearing in mind that many teachers have moved year groups, it is important we ensure that pupils continue to receive high quality curriculum experiences and activities. These learning activities should reflect the appropriate sections of the National Curriculum and reflect the new Ofsted Inspection expectations around the delivery of an exciting curriculum.


  1. To further develop pupils age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships through a rigorous relationships and sex education programme. A new statutory RSE programme for schools is now available and it is important that we study this carefully and begin to put in place. This will then have to be reflected in our policy documentation and parent guidance.


  1. To maintain the outstanding behaviour and learning attitudes across all year groups. Ofsted was exceedingly complimentary about pupil behaviour and attitudes at Maynards Green School and judged behaviour as Outstanding. It is important that we continue to monitor, review and develop our behaviour policy and procedures to ensure standards do not slip and that behaviour in the school remains Outstanding.
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