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Welcome from the Governors

Equality Duties

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening protection in some situations. It sets out the different ways in which it’s unlawful to treat someone.
Before the Act came into force there were several pieces of legislation to cover discrimination, including:

  • Sex Discrimination Act 1975
  • Race Relations Act 1976
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995

The overall aims of our school Equality Policy are to:-

  • eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation;
  • ​promote equality of access and opportunity within our school and within our wider community;  
  • promote positive attitudes to difference and good relationships between people with different backgrounds, genders, cultures, faiths, abilities and ethnic origins.

We recognise and accept our equality duties as set out in the Equality Act 2010 and have sought to involve the whole school community in the process in order to ensure better outcomes for all.  Using the views of pupils, parents and staff we have set ourselves specific and measurable objectives that will help us achieve the aims of the general equality duty. 

  • To increase pupil and staff awareness of legal and human rights and the responsibilities that underpin society; 
  • To increase social and emotional skills and emotional well-being amongst pupils; 
  • To improve  understanding and to challenge stereotyping; 
  • To promote good relations between people from different ethnic backgrounds.

School Governors

Mr. James Robinson - Chair of Governors (Term of office 2019-2023)

Mr. Andy Goodall - Vice Chair of Governors - Parent Governor (Term of office 2019-2023)

Dr. Len Parkyn -  (Term of office 2019-2023. LA Gov)

Mrs Karen Cromwell - Headteacher

Dr. Tania Fitzgeorge-Balfour - Co-opted (Term of Office 2017-2021)

Mrs. Tania Bruce - Parent Governor (Term of office 2019-2023)

Ms. Alice Chapman - Staff Governor (Term of office 2019-2023)

Ms. Carry Stoddart - Clerk to Governors

Mrs Sarah Price - Co-opted (Term of office 2020-2024)

Pay Committee

Mr James Robinson

Mrs Karen Cromwell

Mr Andy Goodall

Premises & Health, Safety & Safeguarding Working Group

Dr. Len Parkyn (Safeguarding and SEN Lead Governor)

Mr.s Karen Cromwell

Name Category Appoint’ by Appoint’ date Expiry
Expertise Business
Related to staff Child at School Attendance 2019/20
Len Parkyn LA LA 8.7.19 7.7.23  SEND, Safeguarding Lead None None No No None 5 out of 7
Alice Chapman Staff Staff 8.7.19 7.7.23 Staff None None No No None 6 out of 7
James Robinson Co-opted Governing Body  3.10.16 2.10.21 Chair. Safeguarding, Compliance None None No   No   2 children 6 out of 7
Tania Fitzgeorge-Balfour Co-opted Governing Body 23.1.17 22.1.21 Governor CPD, Curriculum, Assessment None None No     No     3 children 7 out of 7
Karen Cromwell Head Teacher N/A     01.01.21 N/A N/A None None No   No   None 0 out of 0
Tania Bruce Parent School parents 11.3.19 10.3.23 Statutory Assessment. HR (Including Health & Wellbeing) None None No No 2 children 6 out of 7
Andy Goodall Parent School parents 11.3.19 10.3.23 Vice Chair, Curriculum. Finance Wife owns music business None No Wife works in SLES 2 children 7 out of 7
Sarah Price Co-opted Governing Body 24.02.20 23.02.24   None None No No 2 children 4 out of 4
Carry Stoddart Clerk Governing Body 19.11.2020         No No No  
Simon Hughes Headteacher N/A N/A N/A Resigned 31.12.2020           5 out of 5
John Stanbridge Co-opted Governing Body 21.04.16 20.04.20 Resigned 30.09.20 None None No No None 3 out of 7
Alison Surridge Co-opted Governing Body 24.02.20 23.02.24 Resigned 30.09.20 House of Rhythm Drumming Club at School None No No None 3 out of 4
Claire Roberts LA LA 5.11.19 July 2020 Resigned 30.09.20 LA employee   IEB member Peacehaven Heights, Parent Gov Hove Park Secondary & LA rep Diocese of Chichester Board of Education     6 out of 6
Penny Gaunt Associate Governing Body 25.11.19 31.07.20 Resigned 30.09.20 None None Not Known No None 6 out of 6
Sharon Butterfield Clerk Governing Body 30.03.20 23.08.20              
Verity Poole Headteacher N/A N/A N/A Resigned/Retired 30.12.19           2 out of 2
Helen Russell Clerk Governing Body 24.02.20 11.12.2019             1 out of 2
Becky Cochran Associate Governing Body 8.7.19 7.7.23 Resigned 20.12.19           1 out of 2
Marianne Naylor-Clements   Associate Governing Body 8.7.19 7.7.23 Resigned 20.12.19           3 out of 3
Adam Hooper Associate Governing Body 14.1.19 13.1.23 Resigned 20.12.19            

What do Governors do?

The day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Head Teacher. The Governors support the Head in helping to shape the school's future direction and focus.

Governors do not work as individuals but as a team - the Governing Body - providing strategic leadership and accountability in the school. The governing body acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the Head Teacher, with duties and responsibilities which include:

  • setting the aims and objectives of the school
  • setting policies in order to achieve aims and objectives
  • setting targets for pupil achievement
  • monitoring and evaluating the progress the school is making
  • managing the school’s finances
  • making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based
  • appointing staff
  • reviewing Head Teacher performance and pay

The full Governing Body meets termly with a focus on Leadership & Management and achievement & standards. A Finance committee also meet on a termly basis. In addition, a group of Governors meet termly to discuss Health, Safety and Pupil Welfare issues.

A Governor’s term of office is four years, and they may be re-elected at the end of that term.

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