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School Dress Code

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Green school sweatshirt or cardigan (with logo) Optional Grey varsity Jacket with logo (Year 6 only)
School white polo shirt (with logo)
Long grey trousers or shorts, grey skirt or pinafore
Grey or white tights or socks
Plain black shoes (no high heels or trainers). If children wear boots they
need to bring school shoes to wear in the building
Warm coat and/or school fleece
Hair accessories eg. scrunches, bands, ribbons, clips that are in keeping
with the school colours

Green school sweatshirt or cardigan (with logo). Optional Grey varsity Jacket with logo (Year 6 only)
School white polo shirt (with logo)
Long/short grey trousers or grey skirt/pinafore
Dark green gingham school dress (no cullottes or all in ones)
Grey or white socks
Plain black shoes or black/white sandals (no heels or ‘backless’ shoes)

Maynards Green T-shirt with logo in House colours
Black shorts
White short socks
Plimsolls for KS1 and KS2
Trainers (for KS2 only)
Dark coloured tracksuit (for KS2 only)
Maynards Green PE Bag

Dark coloured one piece swimsuit for girls
Dark coloured swimming trunks/shorts for boys
Swimming hat for all

One ear-ring per ear is permitted (studs or sleepers only). Children must
not wear rings, necklaces or bracelets. If ‘Medic Alert’ items are essential,
parents are asked to contact the headteacher.
All jewellery must be removed or covered during PE lessons. The wearing
of nail polish is not allowed.
All items of clothing and school items including PE bags, lunch boxes,
snack boxes etc need to be clearly named.

Pre-loved Uniforms

Girls Summer Gingham Dresses

Age years Brief details
4 Natural waist, button neck to waist
4-5 Drop waist, button top to bottom. Cap sleeves
5 Natural waist, button top to bottom
5 BHS drop waist, cap sleeve
5-6 George button top to bottom. Decorative tie at back
6-7 School Life half zip from neck. Soft cotton collar
7 Drop waist, zip neck to waist, soft cotton collar
7-8 George, short zip from neck, soft cotton white collar
8-9 2 x Ladybird natural waist, 3 buttons neck to waist
9 Drop waist, decorative tie at back
9-10 1 x  Natural waist, 1 x Stright A line, short zip to top of neck, 1 x “Roomy” natural waist, tie belt
10 Straight style, no ties, buttons top to bottom
10 Drop waist, tie belt
10-11 2 x drop waist

Girls Trousers

Age years Brief details
8-9 Grey cotton
8-9 3 x soft cotton stretchy
11-12 “Roomy”

Grey Skirts/Pinafores

Age years Brief details
8-9 Winter skirt
8-9 Stretchy cotton grey skirt
9-10 Culottes
9-10 Grey  Pinafore drop waist, half zip
9-10 Grey Pinafore, drop waist, 3/4 zip
10 Grey Pinafore, drop waist, half zip

Boys Trousers

Age years Brief details
4-5 Clip only
5-6 Zip and clip
6 Pull on
8-9 2 x zip and clip
10 Pull on

Boys Shorts

Age years Brief details
4 Zip and clip
4-5 Zip and clip
5 Clip only
6 Pull on

School Cardigan

Age years Brief details
3-4 x1

PE Green T-Shirt with school logo

Age years Brief details
3-4 4 x t-shirts. These t-shirts come up quite big
5-6 x 2

PE shorts

Age years Brief details
4-5 x 2 shiny
x 2 shiny


n/a 1 x school cap with neck protector.
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