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Special Educational Needs

Maynards Green is an inclusive school. The school has clear policies and procedures for identifying and supporting children with special educational needs. In this way, most special educational needs can be met in the ordinary classroom environment and do not require any extra help or special provision to be put in place. Extra provision can be made, however, when a child’s special educational needs are recognised as being so significant that they cannot be met without additional help and/or support. A few children will have their needs set out in an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) drawn up by the Local Authority. The school will seek to use the full range of professional agencies available in appropriate circumstances. 

Children with identified special educational needs are provided with Individual Educational Plans which target specific areas of learning. As joint partners with the school in the education of their children, parents are fully consulted about these individual programmes and are involved in their implementation and review.             

All classrooms are wheelchair accessible and there are toilet facilities for children and adults with disabilities. A disabled parking space is adjacent to the school entrance.

Our SEN Policy & Accessibility Plan

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