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Pupils will gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the history of our local area, Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We wish to inspire curiosity as children ask perceptive questions, think critically, sift arguments and develop their own perspectives and judgements. As a consequence, they will be well prepared for their next stage of learning in addition to having a love of history throughout their lives.


  • Develop a coherent and chronological narrative, from the earliest time to the present day.
  • To understand how people’s lives have shaped this nation and how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world. 
  • Develop an understanding of significant aspects of the history of the wider world, including ancient civilisations and the achievements and follies of mankind. 
  • To have an understanding of historical concepts and abstract terms such as ‘empire’, ‘civilisations’, ‘parliament’ and ‘peasantry’.
  • Gain historical perspectives by placing their growing knowledge into different contexts. 


  • From Year 2 onwards, work completed in History lessons is recorded in a separate History book, following the Knowledge and Skills progression. 
  • Assessed by answering the big question at the end of each unit. 
  • Providing access to primary and secondary sources to facilitate understanding.


  • Evidence of work will show an understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world, including chronology.
  • An assessed piece at the end of each unit of work will demonstrate learning and skills acquired in History.
  • The children will have a good understanding of reasoning skills which will identify themselves across the curriculum. 


At Maynards Green, we recognise that the visits to historical sites, museums and galleries as well as  the in-school workshops and educational visits from experts offer exciting opportunities to engage with the past. Hands on experiences give our children an insight into the world beyond the classroom. The teachers plan exciting visits to develop and enrich children's learning. 

We work in close partnership with High Weald Heroes to explore the rich heritage of our local area. 

These are some of the visits and visitors that the children have taken part in:

  • Local Welly Walk linked to our Anglo-Saxon topic - children were able to explore how our local ancient woodland linked to the Anglo Saxon times
  • Egyptian Mummy visit linked to our Ancient Egypt topic - children had an opportunity to consider how and why mummification was an important practice in Ancient Egypt as well as a unique opportunity to handle mummy parts
  • Toy workshop linked to Toys now and Then - children were able to experience some primary sources linked to the topic - such as old dolls. 
  • Victorian Fireman - Children looked at old fire uniforms and Victorian water pump to consider the changes that have been made to make fire safey more efficient and safer for the first responders.  
  • Year 6 London residential - the children had a unique experience of sleeping on HMS Belfast as well as touring London on foot to explore the famous landmarks. A visit to London Eye gave the children an experience of looking at London and its landmarks from another perspective.
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