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At Maynards Green we aim to create budding linguists by broadening awareness of other communities and countries and by providing opportunities to participate in a range of linguistic and cultural educational experiences. We believe that a love of language fosters a deeper understanding of the world they live in and their place within it. An introduction to MFL through French provides an engaging and fun starting point to learning other languages.


  • Our intent is for pupils to show progression in French throughout KS2 and to understand the value to them of learning MFL. 

  • To introduce a wide range of knowledge which goes beyond their own cultural experience and sets them up to be intercultural citizens.

  • To prepare children to study language at greater depth in the future by writing and conversing with others in French.

  • Acquire knowledge of French grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

  • To learn about and explore the cultural capital of another country through its language and traditions.


We will achieve this through:

  • Clear and comprehensive scheme of work based on our National Curriculum.

  • To use a variety of teaching approaches that cover the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


  • An increased enjoyment and understanding of different cultures.

  • A solid basis of key French vocabulary both written and spoken.

  • A foundation of French grammar to use in future education.

  • To enjoy and retain language knowledge through fun and engaging learning.

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